Oaks Massage Spa
  • Benefits of massage therapy

    Oaks Massage Spa offers a serene, spa-like atmosphere in which to heal you from the inside out. The stresses of everyday life can cause physical and emotional imbalance, so we're here to reverse those processes. We provide holistic treatments such as massages therapy, chiropractic adjustments to balance chi energy, promote health and treat ailments. Nutrition counseling is also available.

  • What to expect

    The massage therapist will explain different types of massage and discuss your options with you. You might want an hour relaxing full body massage, deep specific attention to certain areas, or a combination of pressures and styles. Many people request concentration on their back, neck and shoulders.

  • Why choose us

    All the massage therapists are licensed, graduates of accredited massage therapy schools, and members of the Massage Therapy Association. Your intent will be considered when your therapist is selected for you. Your massage session will be tailored to your needs with the style or styles that suit you best.